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Call Us Today!
(479) 452-5300
Call Us Today!
(479) 452-5300

Contact Information

Rogers Avenue Storage, Inc.

2204 Fort St
Barling, AR 72923

Phone: 479-452-5300
Fax: 479-452-5334

Size Information

Our facilities are secure, conveniently located, and competitively priced!

The following chart provides a rough idea of the size until you will need to rent.

5x5 Hall Closet
Small furniture, chest, boxes, small items, holiday decorations, business records, files.

5x10  Walk-in Closet
Couch and chair, chest, boxes, mattress set, business record, overflow inventory

5x15  Large Walk-in Closet
One bedroom size apartment furnishings (without appliances, motorcycle)

10x10 Average size bedroom, ½ of a garage
2-3 rooms of furniture, appliances, boxes, motorcycle, lawn tools, office furniture, files, excess business inventory

10x15 Large Bedroom
3-4 rooms of furniture with appliances, business inventory

10x20 Small One Car Garage
Furnishings from a small house or 2 bedroom home with apartment with appliances or a car or truck

10x30 Oversized One Car Garage
Furnishing from a 3 bedroom home with appliances, or contents of a large moving van, or a car and 1-2 rooms of furniture